PortrATE show

In September 2010, to coincide with his retrospective exhibition Retroperspective, Olimax staged a one day mass portraiture event, PortrATE, on the theme of food and gastronomy. The outcome was 70 digital artworks, all created on that single day, that illustrate his book, portrATE, Cooking with People; A Recipe for Photography which will be launched at the show's opening.

Edible Pork Belly Print
Edible Pork Belly Print
This exhibition, portrATE, presents the work in print forms of various media:
Large format, Black & White, silver based archival C-type prints, Digital prints on handmade Indian recycled rag paper, and, most significantly, edible prints and food work, to be consumed over the course of the show.

The visitor is invited to indulge themselves and eat in the images, quite literally.
A veritable smorgasbord of tasty works.

Taken from the press release for the exhibition.
PortrATE show panorama
Panorama of Olimax PortrATE exhibition, May 2011, at The Outside World Gallery, London

PortrATE Lunchbox
Olimax Lunchbox: Boxed set of 6 Silver Based C-type prints on Metallic Archival paper. 20" x 30" Edition of 5

An image gallery of the pictures from the show can be viewed Here