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Run DMC - in-camera montage
Run DMC - in-camera montage

Olimax has worked in photography and design since the early 1980's when he was first commissioned by The Face magazine.

In recent years he has developed the art of the Mass Portraiture Event, at which at up to 100 portraits are taken over the course of a single day, around a given theme. The latest of these was Homage to Catalunya, a tribute to his adopted home.

He has published several Books which were the basis for solo Exhibitions in London and Barcelona. The images from these and other work can be seen in the Galleries here.

Olimax lives in Barcelona for reasons of cultural health.

Ali i Oli: A short film of Olimax' Homage to Catalunya event

Olimax design and interactive work can be seen at Olimax.com

Olimax Photography