The Big Smoke event

You are cordially invited to sit for a portrait. We ask that you bring something which represents London to you, to be included in your portrait, but this is open to the widest creative interpretation.

Diverse entertainment will be provided throughout the day. Musicians and performers will do their thing. Dancing may occur.
Taken from the invitation to the event

This London mass portrait event, which took place at Voot-O-Reenee's in June 2015, was deemed a great success. Much merriment was had by all.
See the images from the shoot in The Big Smoke gallery

Below are some pictures of the event itself taken by photographer Peter Clark.
All images here © Peter Clark 2015. Click to enlarge

Meanwhile, as we await the editing of the film, here is a London classic from a few years back.

Phil Dirtbox and the Starfish of David - Gangster
Music written and produced by Olimax