RetroPerspective show

Exhibition at The Outside World gallery in Shoreditch, London, mainly featuring work from the book Possession 78, plus some much older portraits and magazine work.
An image gallery of portraits from Possession 78 can be seen here.

Run DMC - in-camera montage
Run DMC - in-camera montage
Twenty years ago Olimax gave up professional photography and swore he would never pick up camera again. This is the result.

The exhibition of the manipulated photography and graphic art of Olimax, Retroperspective features not only a look back at past work but includes recent unseen experiments in optical perception and distorted perspectives.

β€œ..upon forsaking photography in the late eighties, I threw my entire back catalogue, a decade of work, in a skip and gave away my horde of cameras, all 32 of them. However I strongly believe that I could not have moved on without this gesture and each time I repeat the process I am more certain. β€œ Olimax

photo(c) Fiona Campbell
RetroPerspective show: photo(c) Fiona Campbell
The main body of work is a portrait series of creative London figures, each with a personal possession, enhanced by texts by the subjects themselves. These vary from a couple of well chosen words to a lengthy discourse or bizarre anecdote, and reveal as much about the person as they describe their object of choice.

β€œThe vodka bottle is a natural appendage that Polish people have evolved over hundreds of years. In fact, my parents were more concerned about me being left handed than the vodka bottle grafted onto it!” Michael Wojas

Olimax Retroperspective at The Outside World
Olimax Retroperspective at The Outside World