Olimax has published a series of books, mostly featuring the images from the Mass Portraiture Events. All books are available from your local Amazon site and some may be downloaded from here as low resolution PDFs

Extreme Lunching book

All I have ever known about food plus many portraits and pictures of my dinner. This product may contain: Recipes, Techniques, Accessories, Fine Dining, Restaurants, Eggs, a lot of eggs, Haggis, Baby Piglets, Salad Dissing, Brains, Lashings of Cocktails, Ice Creams, Dick, Sticky Puddings, Ritual Slaughter, Coffee and much cultural appropriation. It has a shit … Continue reading Extreme Lunching book

All i Oli book

Olimax' tribute to his adopted home, Catalunya. Portraits of 100 subjects were shot in a single day at the Homage to Catalunya event at the Eat Meat Raw gallery in Barcelona. This book is the result.

PortrATE book

PortrATE - Cooking with People A Recipe for Photography A delectable visual feast of food orientated portraits, flavoured with a side serving of eclectic recipes, anomalous cocktails, quirky cooking tips, debunked kitchen myths and a lot of spurious gourmand hyperbole. This book is a work of fiction. Recipes, ingredients, food, and cooking times are either … Continue reading PortrATE book

Alphabet Shoot book

On 31st August 2008 about 60 individuals gathered at The Victoria, Mornington Terrace,London to have their portraits taken, based on letters of the alphabet. All this was accomplished over the course of one splendid Sunday afternoon. Much revelry ensued.

Possession 78

POSSESSION 78 - A book of sorts An illustrated monograph on persons and their belongings with texts by those concerned. 78 subjects were asked to bring a personal possession of their choosing. Some brought carefully considered items, some whatever was to hand.