Olimax has developed the unique art of the mass portraiture event, a photographic shoot, capturing portraits of up to one hundred individuals over a single day, averaging 4-5 minutes for each shot. Each event has a theme that the portrait series is based upon. The subjects are asked to bring a relevant prop around which the shot is improvised.

However this is by no means a photographic production line in a sterile atmosphere. These events are performances in themselves with all the participants as the cast, a festival atmosphere enhanced by side shows, themed food and entertainment throughout the day. The emotional involvement of the subjects is reflected in the diverse and striking images that result.

The images from these events are manifest as four books, three exhibitions and a two films.

The Big Smoke event

You are cordially invited to sit for a portrait. We ask that you bring something which represents London to you, to be included in your portrait, but this is open to the widest creative interpretation. Diverse entertainment will be provided throughout the day. Musicians and performers will do their thing. Dancing may occur. Taken from … Continue reading The Big Smoke event

Homage to Catalunya event

Eat Meat and Olimax invite you to participate in an all day mass portrait event, Homage to Catalonia, on 26th November, 2011, for a forthcoming exhibition and book. You, the subject, are asked to bring a relevant item, to be included in your portrait, that represents Catalonia or Barcelona to you.

PortrATE event

In September 2010, to coincide with his exhibition Retroperspective, Olimax staged a gastrocentric one day mass portraiture event at The Victoria, Mornington Crescent, London. Each participant was asked to bring a food related prop with which to be photographed. The outcome was about 80 portraits, all created on that single day