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Homage to Catalunya show

All i Oli exhibition at Eat Meat
All i Oli exhibition at Eat Meat

All i Oli show flyer

This exhibition, at the Eat Meat Raw gallery, presented the portraits taken at the Homage to Catalunya event, staged a few months prior. It also hosted the book launch of All i Oli and a film screening for a rough cut of the film of the same name.

The images were presented as Giclee prints on Archival paper, prints on Hand Made Indian Recycled Rag Paper, and a wall of the book composite. Some portraits were turned into Anamorphosis distortions which can be only viewed though a tube of mirror.

Beyond the more conventional prints on the walls the portraits were turning into Edible Pork Belly Prints, Gin and Tonic Jelly portraits and other curious media.

Most reportage above (c) Craig Hunt

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Piping in the Haggis
Oscar Battle & Lindsay Kennard: Piping in the Haggis

Another highlight was Calalan Bagpiper Oscar Battle leading the haggis through the streets of Gràcia to the gallery where Lindsay Kennard performed a magnificent rendition of Rabbie Burns' Address to the Haggis, before it was turned into tapas and consumed.

Address to the Haggis - raw footage
'Trenching your gushing entrails bright, like any ditch'

Homage to Catalunya event

Eat Meat and Olimax invite you to participate in an all day mass portrait event, Homage to Catalonia, on 26th November, 2011, for a forthcoming exhibition and book.

You, the subject, are asked to bring a relevant item, to be included in your portrait, that represents Catalonia or Barcelona to you. […]